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Ryoko Magazine Storage Rack

Ryoko Magazine Storage Rack


Bauhaus-inspired Instagram-worthy Scandinavian magazine Nordic storage cabinet with flip-up doors, drawers, and shelves for living room or bedroom floor-standing rack.

Material : Wood + E1 Board Panel

Type : Flip-up door + cabinet rack

Size :

- H : 90cm * L : 70cm * W : 41cm

- H : 90cm * L : 80cm * W : 41cm

Features :

- Three-tier massive storage capacity.

- Combining multiple storage methods, it both preserves privacy and integrates display and storage functionalities seamlessly.

- Sturdy metal cabinet legs.

- Easy to access.

- Facilitating daily handling for adults while preventing mischief from children, and enabling easy access while sitting on the sofa, enhancing the overall sense of happiness in life.

- The oversized storage surface fully satisfies your display desires; it can even be transformed into a small showcase for illustrations, ornaments, and little green plants 🌳. When guests visit, simply grab an item and conversation flows effortlessly, or place a coffee machine on top for a quick, delightful brew.


    It require 3-4 weeks to arrives.

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