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Medieval  Vintage 3in1 Art Paintings Set

Medieval Vintage 3in1 Art Paintings Set


Transform your living room into a haven of sophistication with the exquisite Mylar texture and timeless charm of French vintage style. This carefully curated art set, designed for both the living room and dining area, captures the essence of antiquity through intricate textures and captivating wall paintings. Each piece is thoughtfully selected to harmonize with your decor, ensuring that your home radiates an artistic ambiance that transcends time.

Artwork Core Material : Textured Film

Frame Material : Aluminum Alloy

Pattern Elements : Abstract Pattern

Measurement : Left : 40 * 40cm Right : 30 * 30cm

Type : Brown / Green / White

Set : Comes in 3 pieces with different sizes ( 40cm * 40cm x1 ) (30cm * 30cm - x2)


    It require 3-4 weeks to arrives.

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