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Ins Plush Pillow

Ins Plush Pillow


These plush pillow are made of soft plush fabric filled with PP cotton so as to offer you & your family comfortable feeling every single time you hold this plush pillow in your arms, each cushion is hand sewn, stuffed and knotted with quality and kids safe materials. 


Material : Polyester


Filler : PP Cotton


Applicable area : Living room, bedroom, workroom, study room, playroom, car etc.. 


Features : 

- elegant & stylish 

- comfort 

- wear resistant

- durable

- easy to clean


Type & Size : 

1. beige knot (10cm * 160cm)

2. white knot (10cm * 160cm) 

3. caramel knot (10cm * 160cm)

4. beige cashew (45cm * 25cm)

5. white cashew (45cm * 25cm) 

6. caramel cashew (45cm * 25cm)

7. white ball (28cm)

8. caramel ball (28cm)

9. white cloud (60cm * 45cm)


    It require 3-4 weeks to arrive

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