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Hiroshi Arched Display Rack Shelf Fireplace Cabinet

Hiroshi Arched Display Rack Shelf Fireplace Cabinet


"Simple and clean lines with a touch of design. Placing it casually in any corner enhances the artistic sense of the space. The creative fireplace shape paired with multiple layered storage spaces creates an Instagram-worthy aesthetic."

Main Material : Manmade Board

Material Type : Density Board / Fiber Board

Features :

〰️ perfect display and storage shelves for perfume, candles, art pieces, books and home decor.

〰️ suitable for living room, dining area, dressing room, hallway and study room.

Surface Material:

Smooth Surface

6 Sizes Available :

〰️ (H) 80cm * (L) 60cm * (W) 20cm

〰️ (H) 80cm * (L) 70cm * (W) 20cm

〰️ (H) 90cm * (L) 80cm * (W) 20cm

〰️ (H) 100cm * (L) 90cm * (W) 20cm

〰️ (H) 110cm * (L) 100cm * (W) 20cm

〰️ (H) 120cm * (L) 110cm * (W) 20cm


    -Keep the sofa away from direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading out.

    -Vacuum and clean regularly, at least once a week.

    -Treat and remove stains immediately.

    -Vacuum the spot to remove any loose particles available.

    -Mix a small amount of dish soap with cool water to create a mild cleaning solution.

    -Dampen a microfiber cloth in the solution and gently blot the stain. Avoid rubbing the fabric or blotting it forcefully as it can cause the stain to set in further.

    -Use a fresh cloth (dampened with plain water) to dab away the soap mixture.

    -Press on the wet spot with a clean and dry cloth or paper towel to soak up the excess moisture from the fabric.

    -Direct your fan to the spot to speed up the drying process.


    Pre-order items usually take approximately 3-4weeks to arrive and will ship thereafter. However, the estimated time for Pre-order items are not guaranteed. We will ship out the items ASAP once the stock have arrived! Thank you for your kind patience & understanding ❤️

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