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Chika Coffee Mug

Chika Coffee Mug


We know that the most eco-friendly solution to transport our favorite drinks is the coffee mug! 


In elegant iridescent borosilicate glass with removable case in resistant eco-leather, glass straw and anti-drip cap, Chika ranks first as an accessory of the new decade. 


Available in two colors. Choose yours now and.. make your colleagues envious. 


Material : High Borosilicate Glass


Volume : 450ml


Size : 11cm * 9cm * 7.2cm


Color : White / Amber 


What's Included :

Glass Mug + Faux Leather Sleeve (removable) + Glass Straw 


✔ High Temperature Resistance
✔ Anti-drip cap
✔ Anti-scalding heat insulation

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