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Cabinet Shelf Rack Organizer

Cabinet Shelf Rack Organizer



Efficient kitchen organization with built-in cabinet shelves, telescopic pot rack, and multi-layered storage, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Can be used in various places of your home including kitchen, wardrobe and bookshelf. Can also make your bathroom, office, living room, or bedroom change from messy to tidy. You may use the shelf as a cabinet organizer for plates, bowls, snacks, books, magazines and whatsoever.

Material : Carbon Steel

Color : White / Black

Type : Short / Long

Dimensions :

Short - H : 18.4cm * W : 20.80cm * L : 30cm

Long - H : 18.4cm * W : 20.80cm * L : 51cmm


- versatile application

- sturdy & durable

- stylish design

- easy to assemble

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